Impersonal friend...

Hello, my name is Holger Hubbs.

I am available to assist you in gently being aware of obstacles that limit your well-being and productivity.

Frustration and pain

It took me several decades of frustration and pain to discover how I – unbeknownst – create my own suffering and struggle.

Demystifying our (oftentimes subtle) suffering is not rocket-science, it just requires some interest and openness to adjust our priorities.

Happiness through peace of mind

What do you really want?

The pre-requisite for happiness is peace of mind.

We always have access to a nourishing peace that the mind cannot understand; a peace that is independent of circumstances, independent of thoughts and feelings.

Everyone’s birthright

Peace is always present, but we veil it psychologically with





expectations and attachments to outcome.

From a personal viewpoint we tend to fall victim to our faulty thinking; habitually we avoid and resist uncomfortable feelings instead to embrace the gift of investigation.

With a little bravery and support we can discover that we don't need to fix or improve ourself psychologically; instead we experience that life is friendly and wants us to flourish, here and now.

Tools, Habits, Attitudes

Besides the psychological suffering, another underestimated or denied energy waster in daily living is our sub-optimal use of mind and technology.

We are quite overloaded with stimuli, inside and out, and mostly deluded in our attempt to honestly evaluate our own mental state and capacity; often too proud to ask for help.

The good news is that things can change without sweat and tears...

Thinking allowed, thinking aloud

Our natural mind is an empty mind, with a "yes" for experience; oscillating between rest and activity.

Our mind is a tool to be used for practical matters and then put aside again; mind is not intended for us to live in it.

We overuse and abuse our mind for things it is not intended for. Mind is much too precious to be used as a storehouse for useless information, unexamined beliefs and assumptions, or even gossip.

The best things in life are free

It is priceless to be in the company of truth lovers; impersonal friends who are open to examine themselves and vulnerable in sharing their struggles and insights in service of the highest human discovery...

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Mind, your own business

I – Holger am available for you, if you want to embrace peace of mind and productivity in your daily (commercial) living. I am available for you to add value through paid one-on-one sessions.

It is a labor of love to be open and interested in practical living peace; our ingrained sub-optimal patterns and attitudes will naturally change when we start to honor and understand peace of mind.

Busy is easy, but not good enough

The idea of investing into our future-self might bump against a wall of fear and hesitation: I don't have the time, I cannot afford any help...

We also tend to overlook the impact of stress onto our health and surrounding! Proactive self-care is much more inexpensive, fun, empowering and fulfilling than the gamble with burnout and potential heart-attack.

Inner Space

I feel confident to work together with you to invite fun-da-mental positive change that can accompany you for the rest of your human experience.

It is never too late for positive change, but we are likely to encounter inner resistance and a subtle tendency to defend old familiar limitations, instead to embrace temporary uncertainty.

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