Version prior to 12-05-2021

Mental Confetti?

Being Practical

Mind is our servant, not our master.

Mind is not intended as a storehouse for useless information, but as a creative decision-making tool.

Our natural mind is an empty mind: not dull, but open.


Life is a gift, a miracle... being able to breath, read, think, relax, drink a sip of water... quite amazing.

The thinking mind might raise its "ya but" voice...


There are times when the mind is quiet, when thinking is smooth and efficient.

There are other times when mind is just busy being busy... I am noticing the difference, the change in the inner weather.

Mind your own business

There is a mechanical peace, a way to keep your working mind open and efficient:

  • get things out of your head

  • into a trusted system

  • review/process frequently.

It's quite amazing for people who enjoy productivity, peace and inner space.

Peace of mind in daily living

Happiness is our true nature, but it requires peace to blossom. Identified as a "person" we entertain a sense of separation and lack, and call it reality.

"The world" seeks happiness through pleasure in circumstances, and is busy being busy.

Non-duality teaches that happiness is available through peace of mind, here and now.

Inter-human relationships

Kudos to COVID, to lockdown; the most amazing gift of discovering and connecting with like-hearted beings not only on Zoom!

What an amazing time we are in, where so many quality pointers are available to help us recalibrate our sense of self from "me" to "I am".

Meeting truth lovers is priceless (-;